FatSak Beanbag Price & VAT Notice 2018

FatSak Sizes

The Large FatSak - 180cm

FatSak Large – we should have called this one FatSak enormous! It's big, very big so make sure you have enough space before ordering. As far as "beanbags" go, you will struggle to find anything that quite matches the massive impact of the Large FatSak. At about 180cm diameter means there's lots of room for more than one person.

As with all our bags it is filled with the unique FatSak®Foam made in our own facility.

The large FatSak weighs in at around 33kg and contains about 1400 litres of foam. The diameter for the large FatSak is about 180cm with a height of approximately 70cm.

Large FatSak Description

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The Medium FatSak - 140cm

FatSak Medium – don’t be fooled, this is a very big bag! Most people assume this is the large so please measure your space before ordering. You need at least 140cm to accommodate it. The medium is big enough for two people to be cosy or just be selfish and have it all to yourself.

As with all our bags it is filled with the unique FatSak®Foam made in our own facility

The MEDIUM FatSak weighs in at around 25kg and contains about 1000 litres of foam. The diameter for the MEDIUM FatSak is about 140cm with a height of approximately 70cm.

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The Small FatSak - 110cm

FatSak Small – this is by no means a small beanbag, but in our range it is the smallest bag suitable for an adult. sure our bags are great for kids but this one is still sufficient for an adult to be comfortable. You don’t need as much space for the SMALL so and its light enough to move around quite easily.

As with all our bags it is filled with the unique FatSak®Foam made in our own facility.

The SMALL FatSak weighs in at around 14kg and contains about 600 litres of foam. The diameter for the Small FatSak is about 110cm with a height of approximately 60cm.

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The KidSak - 90cm

Extra small FatSak or KIDSAK as the name suggests is the beanbag for kids. They will ask for it by name so be a good parent and get them one . With a diameter of 90cm it's small enough to fit into any nursery or playroom. Perspective - this is our smallest beanbag but about the same size as the normal "cheapie" beanbags you used to buy on the side of the road!!

Now bear in mind that these bags last a very long time, we suggest looking at the SMALL FatSak if you have the space. Buying the KIDSAK for an 8 year old is great but when they still have the bag at 15 years old it might not be sufficient.

The KIDSAK weighs in at around 7kg and contains about 300 litres of foam. The diameter for the Small FatSak is about 90cm with a height of approximately 40cm.

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FlipSak - 140cm

The FlipSak is one person unique experience – image floor cushion with back support. The idea came from kids playing video games, sitting on the floor with control between their knees. It’s the perfect gaming chair or lounging around cushion. A unique feature of the FlipSak beanbag is that it assumes the same wedge shape when flipped over on its side or upside down.

As with all our bags it is filled with the unique FatSak®Foam made in our own facility.

FlipSak provides the perfect place to chill with friends, relax and enjoy pure comfort. The FlipSak weighs in at about 7kg and contains about 400 litres of foam. The length is about 130cm by 100cm wide.

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The FootSak - 50cm

FootSak as the name suggests is for your feet. It’s the perfect complement to your FatSak, offering you that truly relaxed position after a long day, feet up, beverage of choice in hand, need we say more...

Approximately 50 cm and 2kg of foam.

(Suggestion – get the noodle too)

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The Noodle - 42cm

FatSak®'s all new accessories were specially designed for FatSak® products to add additional comfort to your comfort experience. Noodle is for your head and neck, just adding that extra support. Your Kids might use it as a weapon, but us grown ups with appreciate it as you nod off quietly in your FatSak on lazy Sunday afternoon...

Approximately 36cm with bolster inner.

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PupSak Size Description

PUPSak… after many years with customers asking for a Dog Bed version of FatSak, its here. No longer will you have to fight with your pooch over who gets the FatSak, just buy them their own one. Same soft foam filling, same washable covers.

Appoxiamtely 100cm wide and 3kg of foam.

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