FatSak Beanbag Price & VAT Notice 2018


The majority of orders are delivered within 3 weeks of placing the order. However if your order is delayed, we will contact you.

Yes, Our Couriers can deliver straight to your door or to the store where you placed the order.
Standard delivery to main cities is R230 per item ordered. Outlaying areas are charged at R450. Cost of delivery will be quoted to you prior to purchase.

We currently only deliver to South Africa and Namibia. Our European Branch covers most of Europe via Germany – please see www.vetsak-capetown.com for orders in EU.

We now also supply UAE (Dubai) - www.fatsak.ae

Yes. Your Fatsak cover is machine washable on a cool 30 ̊c wash. We recommend drying your cover inside out. It can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.  Do not leave your Fatsak cover out in the sun as it will fade over time.

Yes, simply call us direct or contact the store you purchased your Fatsak from. Please make sure you know the size of your Fatsak before ordering.

This would be a waste of money as the covers are washable. As soon as you wash the cover, your scotch guarding will be removed so not recommend.

Fatsak's are filled with the highest grade virgin polyurethane foam, which is chipped in our own factory to ensure its quality. You will not find used scrap foam or fibre in a Fatsak as some of our competitors do, as this disintegrates quickly and lessens the life and quality of your beanbag.

Your Fatsak should have grown to full size within 4-5 days, this can be helped by regularly flipping your Fatsak to encourage the foam to expand.

NO! Please do not leave your Sak in the rain. Even our Outdoor bags should avoid the rain. We fill these bags with foam(sponge) which makes them extremely comfortable, but like a sponge they will soak up water.

Yes, to a degree. The inner bag does have a zip. Should your bag need more foam for any reason, we can supply extra. Should you need to take some out if the bag is too firm, you can remove some foam, but please keep the foam as often too much is removed. A little foam makes a big difference.

We vacuum all the air from the FatSak for transport and delivery. This means your foam needs to return to its original size once you’ve opened the bag.  This should only take 4 or 5 days but can take a little longer so please just be patient.

Putting a Fatsak on a tiled or laminate floor with under floor heating is not going to damage your Fatsak. However putting a dark coloured Fatsak on a light coloured carpet could lead to dye transfer onto the carpet, Your Fatsak will be fine, the carpet will be ruined.

Fatsak's are designed to last, we use the highest quality foam and fabric to ensure ultimate comfort. Fatsak originated in 2007 and those first bags are still looking good, so we can guarantee your Fatsak will last for 5 years but anything after that is probably down to your own care of the Fatsak.

Yes, We now make Pupsak's. Customer feedback told us that your furry friends also love the Fatsak. So they too can enjoy the ultimate comfort of a Pupsak.

Making the world a more comfortable place…