KidSak FatSak Beanbag In Jumbo Snuggle Fabric


Size: KidSak is just for kids. at 90cm in diameter and about 40 cm high it is too small for an adult to perch on, but useful if you don't have enough space for a Small FatSak. Please consider the Small FatSak if you do have the space. It is simply a better buy.

Fabric: Snuggle as the name implies is very soft. Similar to normal Cord, just softer. You may find yourself inappropriately stroking this FatSak as if it were a soft creature.

Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon
Machine Washable: YES (40degrees)
Outdoor: No, will fade in direct sunlight
Rub Count: 30 000 upholstery grade

Also available in:
SMALL R 3,800.00
MEDIUM  R4,800.00
LARGE R5,800.00



Jumbo Snuggle is the big brother of our beloved Cord Velour fabric. It has much broader corduroy lines, soft to the touch. Slightly more costly than our other ranges but if you like fluffy then this will tick the box.

The KIDSAK weighs in at around 7kg and contains about 300 litres of foam. The diameter for the Small FatSak is about 90cm with a height of approximately 40cm.

Composition: TBA
Machine Washable: YES (40degrees)
Outdoor: Not recommended.
Rub Count: 30 000 upholstery grade

Also available in:
SMALL  R3,700.00
MEDIUM R4,700.00
LARGE R5,700.00

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