FlipSak Beanbag In Flokati Furr Fabric

The length is about 130cm by 100cm wide.

Silver Shadow

The FlipSak is one person unique experience – image floor cushion with back support. The idea came from kids playing video games, sitting on the floor with control between their knees. It’s the perfect gaming chair or lounging around cushion. A unique feature of the FlipSak beanbag is that it assumes the same wedge shape when flipped over on its side or upside down.

As with all our bags it is filled with the unique FlipSak®Foam made in our own facility.

FlipSak provides the perfect place to chill with friends, relax and enjoy pure comfort. The FlipSak weighs in at about 7kg and contains about 400 liters of foam. The length is about 130cm by 100cm wide.

Flokati Fur is a faux fur, extremely soft and shaggy. This is simply an exquisite look and feel. Slightly more costly than our other ranges but if you like fluffy then this will tick the box.

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