About Us

In 2007 FatSak ushered the rebirth of the beanbag into South Africa. Produced in Cape Town according to an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and fair working conditions for its employees, FatSak rapidly became a modern home must-have.

Its high-quality materials, inimitable style, and incomparable comfort - quickly catapulted FatSak into something of a cult object.

Currently, there are over 10,000 satisfied customers boasting FatSak's comfy charms in their homes. Will your living room be next?

Kiwi FatSak Beanbag Pure Comfort

From the moment you sit on a FatSak, you'll know you've made a friend for life. Sumptuously soft and generously supportive we doubt you'll sit on anything quite so comfortable - ever.

Beanbag Basics

Robust and durable on the outside, at a glance you'd be forgiven for thinking that FatSak is an oversized beanbag. The reality? It's not. In fact, not a single bean goes into its cleverly crafted make up.

A Revolution in Style

Our new breed of bag is big on style too. Once you've fallen for the comfort factor, you'll go nuts for FatSak's practical design. Wrapped in fabrics to suit your needs - dishy denims for a child's room, sumptuous suede for your living room, or slick and smooth for your office - the FatSak outer shell is removable and (mostly) machine washable.

Add Boom to Your Room

Not only is FatSak so alluring no one can escape its soothing charms, but it also adds a hip comfy style to any room. The good news? There,s a FatSak for everyone. From the FatSak Small for little folk to the FatSak Large for grown-ups and the innovative FlipSak, the possibilities of indulging in über comfort (reading, relaxing, romping) are endless.

FatSak - "more than just a beanbag".